About Us

The Community Defense Counsel (CDC) was created to continue the work of its predecessor, the National Family Legal Foundation.  In late 2001, CDC became a resource of the Alliance Defense Fund™ (ADF). In July  2012, the Alliance Defense Fund changed its name to the Alliance Defending Freedom. CDC continues as a resource of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

What is CDC’s mission?

Community Defense Counsel exists to provide direct legal assistance and educational resources to those concerned about health and crime issues affecting children and their neighborhoods, particularly the sexual violence empirically proven to accompany sexually oriented businesses and illegal pornography, including child pornography.

Our mission statement advances:

To accomplish this mission we will provide:

Who is CDC?

Alan E. Sears is the President and CEO of the Alliance Defending Freedom and a founder of CDC. Mr. Sears is a former state and federal prosecutor and the former Executive Director of the United States Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography.

The Chief Counsel of the Alliance Defending Freedom is Benjamin W. Bull. Mr. Bull is the author of two legal manuals that are used by prosecutors and municipal attorneys across the country in the fight against illegal pornography. He has a long and distinguished track record of success in defeating pornographers and those who wish to expand the reach of sexually oriented businesses.